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Suzhou Shunqi International Trade Co., Ltd.
Contact Information: 051265518260 Miss Sun, Miss Shan
Contact: 051265518267 Mr. Wang
Company address: 1808, International Trade Building, 1638 Xihuan Road, Suzhou City

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Suzhou Shunqi International Trade Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2012. It is a foreign trade company controlled by Suzhou Import and Export (Group) Co., Ltd. The company's main business is import and export trade agency. It can use its own advantages to apply for foreign trade services such as Canton Fair and foreign trade fair booths. At the same time, the company can also carry out re-export trade, domestic retail and wholesale. The commodities are: textiles, clothing, knitwear, light handicrafts, hardware mining, medical chemicals, machinery and equipment, grain, oil and native livestock products and other commodities. Suzhou Shunqi International Trade Co., Ltd., as the window of Suzhou Import and Export Group's trade plate in Europe, gives full play to the strong background advantages of Suzhou Import and Export Group and relies on the company's business network in Europe to carry out international trade business. The company has passed the Hungarian quality system certification. In April 2013, Kft.(Chinese name: Hungary Sancheser International Trade Co., Ltd.), an overseas Sunchaser International Hungary, was established in Budapest, Hungary.
The service tenet of Suzhou Shunqi International Trade Co., Ltd. is: everything is for the sake of customers. With its strong strength, fast and extensive information network, scientific management and capable and efficient service system, we can provide high-quality services to customers at home and abroad at any time...

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